Monday, September 22, 2008

Particle Man

I was lucky enough to pull Flood by They Might Be Giants out of a grab bag at a party this past weekend and was reminded just how awesome that album is.

I was musing on the strange world of Particle Man and his relationships with Triangle Man, Universe Man, and Person Man, particularly "Why does Triangle Man gotta hate all the time?" This led me to the Particle Man wiki, which is an incredibly entertaining and insightful page of information. Check it out.

The wiki brought to my attention the official Particle Man music video which I had never seen before. The video serves as a testament to the awesomeness that was Tiny Toon Adventures.



Winston LaGrange said...

I absolutely couldn't agree with you more, good sir - Flood is an incredible album.

It's funny; I remember watching Tiny Toons when that track and "Istanbul, Not Constantinople" came out and my pre-adolescent mind was both blown and confused...