Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Edition

No...not the Bobby Brown group.

I'm proud to announce that my good friend AQ (AKA WickedSomething, AKA Winston LaGrange) is joining the good fight as the newest Pirate Robot. Effective immediately, AQ will feed your dread by contributing posts on Music and whatever else he deems interesting.


Winston LaGrange said...

Thank you very much, Capt. Dread Robot, for the warm introduction. Hello, boys and girls of the InterWeb! Whether you like it or not, our good Capt. Robot here has given me license to dish out my opinion like so much sloppy joe, and so I will. Typically, I'll focus of music, but you may find me piping up about the chupacabra or something from time to time as well.

I look forward to your feedback and will have something of substance very soon.

-Winston "Wicked" LaGrange