Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Playoffs

Out of the 7 leagues I joined this year (overkill...I vow to do less next season), 6 leagues had playoffs, and I made the cut in 4 of them. Not bad, though the leagues I missed the cut in are by far the most challenging ones with the most knowledgeable contenders. I'll definitely be participating in those next year (if I'm invited...I'm finishing dead last and next to last in those two) because I really think they're helping me get better.

In my NL only league, I've dismally dropped into a battle for third place, 10 points behind the leader, after spending literally the entire season at the top of the heap. I don't know where I went wrong (though dropping Reed Johnson (pictured) probably hurt more than I thought it would, even if he has continued to platoon in center field) but I'm not happy about it.

I will continue to post updates here...until then...