Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Redskins Predict an Obama Victory

There is a legend in ol' D.C. that specifies that if the Washington Redskins lose their home game before an election, the incumbent party will lose the White House. Likewise, if the Redskins win, the incumbents retain control of the Oval Office.

The success or failure of the Redskins has correctly predicted 17 of the last 18 elections, the only miss occuring in the last election in 2004 when George W. Bush (despite his many, shall we say, shortcomings) managed to defeat John Kerry and the Redskins lost to the Green Bay Packers. This should've signified a Democratic victory, but the American people had other (stupid) plans. The Skins' streak was broken.

Last night, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Redskins 23 - 6. The American people hold the power to make the Redskins political prognosticators once again. Could the Redskins' loss be Obama's gain?

I really hope so. If the Skins lost for nothing, I'm going to be pissed.

For a complete listing of the Skins punditry, check out Snopes.com's article on the subject.