Saturday, February 28, 2009

Punched Out!!: The Mike Tyson Story

the Onion. The imagination storm swirling around in that office must be truly overwhelming. Here, they detail a new documentary called Punched Out!!: The Mike Tyson Story about the Ear-Biting One's meteoric rise to virtual boxing stardom. Head on over for the full (fake) article. It's too bad, really. I'd put down my Fistful of Quarters in a heartbeat to see this winning, tell-all documentary. I'd especially like to hear more from Mario on what refereeing all of those classic bouts was like. Just to be in the ring with Super Macho Man and King Hippo would be a dream come true.

Furthermore, the new Punch-Out!! for Wii has been dated and will release for North America on May 18th. Don't fuck it up, Ninty! Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.