Saturday, February 28, 2009


The Obama administration has said that it will no longer interfere in states rights pertaining to use of medicinal marijuana. This is a big deal, since the former administration took it upon themselves to raid pharmacies and growhouses in California that were licensed to distribute marijuana to those with a doctor's scrip for it. States Rights what!

I see a great way to get out of this recession: Legalize it. It'll start growing like...well, weeds on farms across America. It can be regulated and sold via state approved merchants and the federal government can tax the ever living shit out of it. Talk about a cash crop.

It's only a matter of time until we can go to the corner smoke shop and get what we really want. To quote JB: "The tyranny and the bullshit's gone on too long." Gawker reports....and I stole their label for my post title. Thanks Gawker!


Kent said...

If they're doing this in response to all the raids and such from the previous administration, shouldn't they just legalize it and give everyone a lot of it. You know, to balance things out.