Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Raid Gaza!

Oh boy!

Newgrounds has long been a bastion for edgy, political, and humorous interactive media and its newest edition is no slouch.

Raid Gaza! puts you in the shoes of the Israelis trying to maximize Palestinian casualties by building barracks, missile silos, and airports. Your score is determined by just how much death and destruction you can rain on the Gaza Strip. What's more...whenever you run out of sheqel to spend on WMDs, you can just call up Uncle Sam on the Red Phone and replenish your funds! Hooray foreign aid!

Despite the controversial nature of this game, it's a pretty well-crafted strategy game with colorful graphics and a strangely addictive quality. It casts the Isrealis in a rather unpleasant light and makes us Americans look like assholes (as if we needed any help!). This game is not for the Israelite, but if you can stomach the dark humor and political nature, definitely give it a whirl. If nothing else, you'll learn something pretty despicable about the Israeli interim Prime Minister.

As Operation Ivy says, "...so stupid. Killin' each other. Don't we learn nothin'?"

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.