Sunday, January 18, 2009

Krist Novoselic Sucks at Rock Band 2

Novoselic is (of course) the bass player for one of Rock's most groundbreaking acts of all time: Nirvana. Ya heard of 'em?

Krist has a blog on Seattle Weekly's site in which he writes about music (of course) as well as politics and sociopolitical issues. It runs every Tuesday in case you're curious what one half of Nirvana's rhythm section (and one third of the band) has to say about...stuff. In addition to blogging for Seattle Weekly, Krist is an elected Democratic State Comitteeman and is the chair of FairVote, a voter awareness group seeking to be a catalyst for voter reform. His last musical endeavour was playing bass (of course) in a band called Flipper. Ya heard of 'em? of Krist's recent blogs is about his discovery of Rock Band 2 while browsing in a big box store. He attempts to play a Nirvana song (In Bloom), a song with a bass line that he originated, and fails miserably. Afterwards, he looks on, impressed, as a kid who wasn't even born yet procedes to play the same song and rock it right the fuck out. Novoselic did not make his identity known to the boy (or girl...he doesn't say), choosing to look on in wonder and silent appreciation. He concludes that Rock Band is a good thing for the world because it gets people excited about and involved in music...and will probably lead to more album sales and less file sharing (good luck with that one, buddy).

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.