Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Head Ball Coach Pees Where He Damn Well Pleases

God love him.

This is old news (2007), but it's new to me. I happened upon it while searching
Deadspin for Steve Spurrier. Says Deadspin's Will Leitch, "When you are Steve Spurrier, you piss where you damned well please."

Damn right.

Apparently, while playing a round at August National last year, the HBC
just couldn't hold it
until he finished the hole.

The comments on this page are particularly delectable. I especially like the one that says "You can't spell urinate without UT." Take that, Rocky Top. Of course, you also can't spell 'suck' without USC.

Nevertheless, he's a class act, ol' SS...that's for damn sure. I'm so glad he's our coach.

Go Cocks.