Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mega Man 9 Can't Get Here Soon Enough

More and more info continues to be revealed about Capcom's upcoming WiiWare, XBOX Live Arcade, and PSN vehicle Mega Man 9 and it has me worked up into an anticapatory frenzy.

This article
from Gawker Group's video game blog Kotaku reveals images of a few of the Blue Bomber's new nemeses, namely Concrete Man, Tornado Man, and Magma Man.

I am super stoked about this brand new, old school Mega Man goodness. More details can be found...pretty much anywhere, though IGN has been reporting on it frequently.

If you're hardcore, check out fansite The Mega Man Network. They list other villains reported to be in the mix, including Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Plug Man, Hornet Man, and Splash Woman, the first female baddie in the series!!!

Mega Man 9's current release date is listed as TBA.